Our Story


Mag Bay Expeditions emerged as a partnership between 3 long-time friends, passionate about the ocean, each with their own ecotourism companies in Baja. They united with a local fisherman that has become one of the best captains to guide tours in the Magdalena Bay area. Explora Baja(opens in a new tab) has been working with whale watching and hikes in Magdalena Bay for over 10 years while High Tide Los Cabos(opens in a new tab) has a wealth of experience working in Los Cabos with surf lessons, snorkeling, kayak, hiking, jeeps, and SUP tours.

Sabina and Paula pet a whale

On a trip we (Sabina, Paula, and Carlos) took together to Octavio’s house in Mag Bay, our dream came true. With the help of the photographer Marco Salas, a few nights of sharing ideas and dreams, and some of the island’s magic, the project came to life. Tavo had been wanting to diversify his tourism activities for a long time because the gray whales only stay in the bay for three months. With the increasing popularity of marlin expeditions, it was finally time to take the next step and create a project of our own. We wanted to base the tours around the experience of the local captain and his friends in order to sustain tourism and local income. This way, Octavio’s family, among many other fishermen from the area, can diversify their income and not have to depend so much on fishing to survive. This creates an opportunity not only for the different commercial species of fish, mollusks, and crustaceans but also, a new way of thinking for future generations where fish are seen as more valuable alive than dead.

Carlos and Tavo look at Carlos's phone

With this progressive idea in mind, Tavo and his family built a house on the island to host their clients, and this is where Mag Bay Expeditions HQ is located.

Magdalena Bay with its islands and nutrient-rich Pacific waters has it all and is the perfect setting for a variety of adventures. We are totally in love with the nature and people of this place. We are committed to putting our passion, experience, and effort into making this expedition company succeed. We hope you can come and experience the magic of this little-known island.

How do you support the local economy by coming with us?

We are a Mexican business located in Baja.

We work with Tavo, a local fisherman whose house and facilities you will use on the island.

We partner only with local fishermen to drive the boats and bilingual Mexican guides.

We purchase fresh seafood and local products for your meals.

How do you contribute to conservation coming with us?

We have a non-aggressive approach to nature and wildlife.

We only take private or small groups.

A percentage of the income goes directly towards cleaning the island and recycling projects.

We don’t use single-use plastic bottles.

By hiring local fishermen to do activities related to the observation of nature, not only will they not fish that day, but they learn about the importance of preserving wildlife and the good health of the water, dunes, beaches, and mangroves.


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