Choose between our 4 private tours and get ready to have the adventure of your life in Magdalena Island. We have a 3-day or 4-day package so you can decide which one fits better to your times and needs. You just need to choose your tour and we will take care of everything, ensuring you a trip of a lifetime.


Flexible Packages

We want you to experience all that Mag Bay has to offer so we provide a wide range of activities.

Supporting the Community

We are locals and we work with local fishermen and invest back into the community.

Activities For All Ages

We welcome all ages and abilities and have family-friendly activities.

Join a Special Expedition

Marlins, sharks, whales, ocean encounters and more!

Every year we have our seasonal special expeditions. Water fanatics can experience unique activities such as swimming with marlins, dolphins, mobulas, sharks and more! Enjoy the friendly grey whales in their protected sanctuary or the amazing humpback whales out in the Pacific. Be prepared to not want to leave Magdalena Bay by the end of the trip.

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Perfect timing for the photo! @woj.dop and his incredible work capturing this moment with a sea lion during our last year expedition 😍🦭 ...

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@felipe_ravina new short film “Progreso”, mostly shot during our last expedition in Magdalena Bay last year. Such an amazing and hard work that took him months to finish.

Watch it and enjoy! 🐋🎬 We can all be part of the progress.

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Someone wanted a lil bit of love 🙈😍🐋

📹: @liz_mermaidoftheworld

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A couple of friendly grey whales saying hi to us 🫶🏼🐋😍

📹: @marcosalasl

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We say bye to an amazing 2022, hoping that everyone have a Happy New Year, full of health, love and water adventures! 🌊

📸: @woj.dop

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Magdalena Island, the Milky Way and a drone 🌌🏝️

📸: @photographer.saa

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This was one of the most amazing moments I’ve ever experienced in the ocean. This newborn calf was an unexpected encounter and seeing the mom protecting him with her fin was just amazing.

The ocean conditions were just perfect and the company too! Captain Tavo, @smellensmyers @perren4albert @saulhm03 Beth and “Stan the Man”! What a good day to celebrate life 🐋❤️

Drone video: @marcosalasl

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The majestic humpback 🐋 made an appearance during our expedition! Always amazed by these beauties 😍

If you wanna be part of this experience join us in our Dec 6-11 Expedition! Just 2 spots left! DM us for more information 📩

📹: @sabina_macouzet

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Humpbacks are here! 🐋🐋

And if you wanna be here too, just DM us for one of our 2 spots left for our 6-11 Dec Marlin Expedition! Whales, marlins, sea lions, mobulas and more is what you might encounter!

📸: @marcosalasl

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