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Choose a 3-day or 4-day package and personalize your Isla Magdalena tour. You pick the activities and we do all the organization to ensure a trip of a lifetime. Whether you want a Baja California whale watching experience, to swim with marlins or sharks, cruise through mangroves, or fish in some of the most bountiful waters in the world, this protected hidden gem is the place for you.

Flexible Packages

We want you to experience all that Mag Bay has to offer so we provide a wide range of activities.

Supporting the Community

We are locals and we work with local fishermen and invest back into the community.

Activities For All Ages

We welcome all ages and abilities and have family-friendly activities.

Join a Group Expedition

Marlins, Sharks, Whales, Cycling, Surfing, Fishing & Scuba Diving

Choose from a selection of our seasonal group expeditions and spend 3 days in a wilderness paradise. Water fanatics can experience unique activities such as swimming with marlins and sharks, fishing in next-level fishing grounds, and whether you’re a novice or an expert, the surfing in Magdalena Bay is fun for all levels. This secluded wildlife haven is home to unique behaviors such as friendly whales spy hopping. Be prepared to not want to leave Magdalena Bay by the end of the trip.

Activities for Your Custom Expedition

Half-Day Activities
  • Whale Encounter – January 15th to March 15th
  • Puerto Chale – January 15th to March 15th
  • Snorkel With Sea Lions – September to May
  • Santa Maria Beach Walk – Year-round
  • Mountain & Beach Bike – Year-round
  • Sand Dunes Walk – Year-round
  • Mangroves – Year-round
  • Coastal Sport Fishing – Year-round
  • Magdalena Hills Hike – Year-round
Full-Day Activities
  • Whale Encounter – January 15th to March 15th
  • Ocean Encounter – April to June
  • Swim With Sharks – June 15th to September 15th
  • Surfing – June 15th to October 15th
  • Sport Fishing – August 15th to November 15th
  • Mexican Sardine Run & the Striped Marlin – October 15th to December 30th
  • SUP or Kayak at Dunes & Mangroves With Picnic – Year-round
  • Scuba Diving – Year-round

Upgrade Your Tour

Mag Bay Team posing together in the Bay

The Team Behind the Name


Mag Bay Expeditions is a partnership between 2 friends, Sabina and Carlos, both with an extensive career in the tourism industry in Mexico, along with Octavio, a local fisherman on Isla Magdalena. We came together to share this magical location with tourists but also with the goal of preserving the sea life and livelihoods of local people. We are passionate about the community, wildlife, and future of Isla Magdalena also known as Mag Bay.

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Kayaking through the mangroves will make you feel like you’re in another world!

If you want to try this expedition, book now! Link at bio.

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Magbay dunes and mangroves are one of the best spots in the island.

You can take a kayak or SUP expedition right there and finish with a picnic at the dunes.

For more info, link at bio.

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If you love bird watching, Magbay will blow your mind. 🦅🤯

An osprey flying at sunset in Magbay.

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Every ocean expedition gives us the opportunity of amazing encounters in the surrounding area of Magdalena Island.🐬🌊❤️

📹: @marcosalasmultimedia

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Amazing encounters happen on our expeditions 🦈❤️‍🔥 ...

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Happy World Ocean Day! 🌊🐋🌎

Let's take care of our ocean every single day. It connects us all and teach us valuables lessons every day. 🐠🦈🐙🐚🐟🐬🦭🐳

📷: Grey whale breaching - 📍 Magbay 🔥

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Magdalena Bay is an incredible place for whale watching! It’s a gray whale sanctuary and they are really friendly with humans.

This expedition will make you feel connected with them like you never imagined before.

Enjoy these magnificent animals and their behavior in their natural habitat 🐋😍

Book now!

📲 624-119-5026

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Tavo's house will be your accommodation at Magdalena's Island during your expedition.

The sound of the sea, starry nights and the most peaceful place will await you every day after your adventure! ✨🏠🏝

Check out our expeditions and more of Tavo's house at (Link at bio).

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Magbay’s sunsets are just breathtaking. You have to live it by yourself. 🌅

Go to and book now! We have custom expeditions for you!

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