Choose between our 4 private tours and get ready to have the adventure of your life in Magdalena Island. We have a 3-day or 4-day package so you can decide which one fits better to your times and needs. You just need to choose your tour and we will take care of everything, ensuring you a trip of a lifetime.


Flexible Packages

We want you to experience all that Mag Bay has to offer so we provide a wide range of activities.

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We are locals and we work with local fishermen and invest back into the community.

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We welcome all ages and abilities and have family-friendly activities.

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Marlins, sharks, whales, ocean encounters and more!

Every year we have our seasonal special expeditions. Water fanatics can experience unique activities such as swimming with marlins, dolphins, mobulas, sharks and more! Enjoy the friendly grey whales in their protected sanctuary or the amazing humpback whales out in the Pacific. Be prepared to not want to leave Magdalena Bay by the end of the trip.

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Did you know that Mahi mahis 🐠 can swim at speeds ranging from 50 to 70 km/hr when hunting prey?

Look at this one in a slowed mo video and listen to the sounds when he hits the sardine 🐟💥

📸: @marcosalasl

#Mahi #Underwater #Nature #BajaSur #Magbay #Sardine #Mexico #Expedition #Trip #Ocean #Hunt

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A perfect picture to show why they’re called Striped Marlins 😍

If you wanna see them underwater and experience one of a lifetime moment, DM us and join our 2024 Magbay Extreme Expeditions!

📸: @woj.dop

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A sardine’s wig 🐟💈featured by @claudiabahamon during one of our Magbay Extreme Expeditions last year!

If you want to join our 2024 expeditions DM us for more information and book your spot!

Oct 26-31 (5 spots)
Nov 14-19 (2 spots)
Dec 5-10 (1 spot)

📸: @marcosalasl

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Every year, Magdalena Bay surprises us with the most amazing encounters and events. It’s not just about wildlife, its about landscapes, friends and memories for a lifetime. 💙🐋🐬🦭🌅

Join us for our Magbay Extreme Expeditions 2024!

Oct 26-31 (6 spots)
Nov 14-19 (2 spots)
Dec 5-10 (1 spot)

DM us for details and prices, book your spot and save the date 📆

Videos by: @marcosalasl @woj.dop @felipe_ravina @sabina_macouzet @patgram @alejandra.travels @smellensmyers @saravetv

And thanks to @pirryoficial for the emotive encounter with the mobulas 🙌🏼

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The dorsal fin of a humpback whale after a breaching during one of our past expeditions in Magbay 🐋💙 ...

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A place full of life 💙🐟🦭

📸: @pirryoficial during our December 2023 Expedition.

#Mahimahi #Dive #Underwater #ocean #Sea #Magbay #Magdalena #Island #SardineRun #Mexico #BajaSur #Hunting #Sealion #Nature #Expedition #Trip

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During our last expedition, we had the luck of encountering these couple of coyotes. With our drone sent from the boat we were able to capture this crazy video.

After some chasing between them, both went back to the mangroves, leaving us with an unforgettable moment in our memories and a couple of great videos from Magdalena Island 📹🦊🦊

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Sometimes, you are the 🎯 of two playful grey whales 🐋 🐋 that just wanna play with you and your boat 🛥️

We had an amazing time during our private grey whale expedition in Magdalena Bay. After 30 min playing with the boat, the whales decided to come and take a closer look to the people on board of our boat. Minutes that will last forever in our memories.

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Stay to the end and watch what the Gray whale did 😅🐋 💦

Every year, grey whales come to Magdalena Bay and other areas of Baja California Sur, place where they give birth or mate before migrating back to the north.

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