Don't Forget to Fill out Your Waiver Before Your Trip


As we know the weather is a factor that can lead us to modify our day, sometimes we will have to change location, reschedule, modify, or substitute an activity. You will be informed of the options and then can make a decision. Factors that could influence this are rain, high swell, and strong winds.

Tips and personal expenses.

Just your tourist immigration paperwork and your waiver.

Yes, we recommend the Divers Alert Network — DAN.

Winter through spring between: 12° and 26° Celsius – 53° to 78° Fahrenheit.
Summer through fall: between 20° and 36° Celsius – 68° to 96° Fahrenheit.

Water temperature can fluctuate through the different seasons of the year. Winter through spring is the coldest with a mean of 18° Celsius or 64° Fahrenheit. Summer through fall is the warm season with a mean of 22° Celsius or 71° Fahrenheit.

  • Credit card
  • Wire transfer or bank deposit
  • Cash payment of the remaining balance upon arrival in USD or MXP (5% off applies only for the balance since the 50% deposit in advance is mandatory)
  • Payments can be done in USD or MXP

Basic diving or snorkeling gear (mask, gloves, hood, a 5 mm neoprene wetsuit is recommended), insurance, seasickness pills, reef-safe sunblock, camera, and whatever you think will make your trip more enjoyable.

With a 50% deposit, the full payment has to be made at least 24 hours before the start date.

The Mexican peso and the American dollar.

We don’t encourage people to pet the whales but they are smart animals, and we believe they can make their own decisions when we are out in the water with them. Our captains are very respectful and not aggressive when it comes to encountering whales. We approach them slowly, from a distance, if interactions occur it’s because the whales want it to happen, we don’t chase whales at any point. In case a whale decides to get close, it’s important to know that we can’t pet them in their sensitive areas like eyes and blowhole.

Mag Bay is a Biosphere Reserve that is protected to a degree, but it lacks a management plan, so rules are enforced by the same captains and guides. We are very careful in choosing which captains we partner with to make sure we are always respectful with the whales while they visit our waters.

Our team is made up of professionals that always have your safety as a priority during the expeditions. Rules are made to be followed in order to ensure the best possible experiences while being safe.

We suggest you get bad weather-related travel insurance, we recommend World Nomad. A medical and/or dive insurance is mandatory to participate in the expedition.

No, our expeditions are snorkel activities, so the only request is that you know how to swim and use a snorkel. Having some freediving knowledge can improve the experience.

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