Your Accommodation During Your Stay


Located on Magdalena Island in a small fishing town called Puerto Magdalena, Tavo’s house is the perfect location for your expedition. Octavio’s family has a long and interesting history on the island. They have worked in tourism for 27 years and they always dreamt of a place of their own in this majestic place. It wasn’t until they managed to acquire a piece of land that no one else wanted (because it was full of trash) that the dream began to take form. After removing about 200 tons of trash off the island, their lot was ready for the next step and they built their first house in the town. A few years later, Tavo himself built a family, 4-bedroom, and 4-bathroom house, with all the services you will need for your stay.

All 4 rooms in the house have two double beds and one bathroom each. The house looks onto the oceanfront and has a big deck with an idyllic ocean view, where you will be able to enjoy every sunrise and sunset while you chill out. There’s also satellite internet in the house, so you can connect to your computer or phone if necessary.

Continuing with the idea of sustainability and conservation that motivated Tavo’s family to begin with, their houses are powered by solar panels. Water is limited and they bring it to the island themselves in their own boat. There is always enough water for a comfortable stay and most of the gray water is reused to water a few plants around the house.

Tavo’s is the only house on the island with all services included and it’s closer to the gray whale sanctuary and the marlins spot than San Carlos Port. Staying there will give you the opportunity to be out before everybody else or after everyone else has left, giving you some precious time to be alone in the wild.


Technical Info

The house is equipped with solar panels and batteries that give 110 volts power. From 17:30 to 22:30 the house receives energy from the island’s diesel generator.

In case of a cloudy day or if the energy requirements are big, the house is equipped with a gasoline generator.

In total, there are 4 water tanks: 2 x 2500 liters and 2 x 1100 liters = 7200 liters.

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