Upcoming Expeditions

If you like the adventure and you enjoy doing long expeditions, this is the best option for you! Every year we have some special expeditions to swim the “Mexican Sardine Run” or maybe enjoy the interaction with the gray whales. We spend several days at Magdalena Island in Tavo’s House and go out to the ocean where you can have amazing encounters with whales, dolphins, mobulas, marlins, sea lions and more! Besides, you will get to enjoy the sand dunes and the mangroves from the island, a stunning place that you will never forget. Decide which is the best expedition for you and don’t think about going, it’s gonna be the best decision you will make!

Underwater photo of a Brydes Whale chasing the sardine’s bait-balls surrounded by Mahi mahi and sea lions in the Mexican Sardine Run. Location: Magbay, Baja California Sur, México

past expeditions

We had an amazing marlin and whale season in 2021 and enjoyed some mind blowing encounters during our special expeditions. We want to thank all our guests that joined us and that gave us their trust to take them on one-of-a-lifetime experience. We had so many experienced guides and great collaborations and we cannot wait to live some other adventures in 2022!

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